Lyme & Lepto

Springtime threats to your pets and your family

Springtime means sunshine, good weather and more time outdoors with your pets. But it also means increased risk for two diseases that can cause serious health problems for your dog -- and potentially your family, since both can be transmitted to humans.

You know about Lyme Disease; it's all around us here in the Northeast. Infection can lead to a host of costly and debilitating health problems. Dogs (and people) get it from infected ticks, but in dogs it's largely preventable thanks to a vaccine we carry here at LVC.

Learn about lepto:

Source: Elanco

Leptospirosis - or "lepto" - is less common but can be equally devastating to your pet. It can be transmitted to your dog through urine or body fluids of many animals common to our area (watch the video at right for more info). Like with Lyme disease, a simple vaccine can greatly reduce your dog's vulnerability.

Lincolndale Veterinary Center can help you keep your dog safe from these and other communicable diseases through a parasite prevention, vaccination and education program. 

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