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LVC's Parasite Prevention Club

Parasites are a common hazard for any household pet. They can lead to serious and expensive illnesses. When it comes to parasites, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so we've started a service to take the worry and guesswork out of parasite prevention: our Parasite Prevention Club.

Get the right preventive medications to your pet in the right dose at the right time. We've made it as easy as 1, 2, 3:


Bring your furry friend in to LVC for an exam (by law, we can't prescribe medications for animals who don't have a current exam on file with us). Exams are current for one year.


While you're here, sign your pet up for our Parasite Prevention Club.


Every month you'll get a personalized mailing for your pet: the right dose of the right preventative medications. Give it to them, and relax until next month! You never have to keep track of when (or if) you gave them their preventatives, or what the right dose is. And when it's time to renew their exam, we'll remind you of that too!

Call us to schedule your pet's exam or to learn more: 914-248-5050.

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